The new Telegram update – our 12th this year – has arrived, just in time to say goodbye to 2019.

In this new version (and new decade) say hello to verifiable builds, theme editor 2.0, send when online and plenty more.

The code of Telegram apps has always been open source, but starting today, you can verify the apps you download use the exact same code as we post on GitHub.

New year, new you, new look – you can now add custom gradients to your backgrounds and messages, explore more predefined color schemes and add detail with some of the new background patterns.

Scheduled Messages have a new option – Send When Online. Save yourself the guesswork of when your friend will wake up, and instead have your message arrive the next time they open the app.

When sharing a location, you can now easily select venues on your map instead of scrolling through a list. That's not even mentioning the new night mode maps to help you navigate in the dark.

Android and iOS got plenty more in their stockings and under the tree. Read the full blog to see all the changes, including a Quick Day/Night Toggle, Share Sheet Settings and Improved Search along with tons of new animations and redesigned interfaces.

Happy update to all, and to all a Happy New 2020: